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Essential oils from plants connect us to the botanical world and are renowned for their therapeutic and beneficial qualities. They are steam-distilled/cold pressed directly from flowers, leaves, bark, and wood without any adulteration or synthetic additives, as it was intended, directly from nature.


At Harts+Hands, Eden's Garden essential oils are our number one choice for Aromatherapy services. Through our experimentation with different essential oil brands, we have found Eden's Garden therapeutic grade essential oils to be exceptional in both quality and affordability. 

Therapeutic grade essential oils offer profound health support and with the Eden's Garden unconditional guarantee you can be sure that you're using only the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils.  

All of their products are 100% pure. They do not add bases, fillers, additives, etc to any of the oils! Each is in its purest form possible.  Eden's Garden makes every effort to maintain the high quality and purity of its oils. They unconditionally guarantee all of their essential oils, and as far as possible, they source their products from organic growers and distillers. Certificate of analysis, specifications, and MSDS are available on request.

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