Appointments and Pricing



Therapeutic Massage

(Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Technique, Relaxation Massage)

Prenatal Massage and Reiki

30 minute - $45

45 minute - $65

60 minute - $85

75 minute - $105

90 minute - $125

105 minute - $145

120 minute - $165


Hot Towels - $0 - Now Included free of charge with all massage services!  

The use of moist, hot towels during massage to help tight muscles relax,

soothe irritated nerve endings and increase circulation.


Aromatherapy Nap - $25  

Do you ever wish for a bit more table time after your massage to rest up before venturing back out into the world?  Well, this gives you that option.  Take 15 minutes for quiet contemplation, a power nap, or meditation along with the added benefit of therapeutic grade essential oil diffused through the room while you rest.

Cupping Therapy - $20  

The use of both dynamic (massage movements using a silicone cup to create a vacuum to facilitate in the release of fascial and muscular tension) and traditional (the placement of cups on areas of hypertonicity) cupping to improve muscle pain and tension.

Hot and Cold Therapy- $20  

Otherwise known as Contrast Therapy. The use of alternating localized hot and cold packs during massage to aid in pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Aromatherapy - $20  

Therapeutic grade essential oil diffused into the room and applied during massage.


Reflexology - $20  

15 minute foot massage for stress relief.  

Hot Stones - $20  

The use of hot stones during massage to help ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation.


We also offer the hARTS+Hands Wellness Plan for savings on multiple appointments!


       The Features:


  • Prepay for a minimum of four 60 minute massages and receive a 10% discount.  

        That is a total savings of up to $464 per year and that’s not even including the option to purchase 90 minute                 massages, 2 hour massages, or gift certificates! The 10% discount applies to all Harts and Hands TMC Services             and as a Wellness Plan member you also have the option of purchasing additional massages (as well as gift                     certificates at a %10 discounted rate).

  • Get priority when scheduling your appointments.  As a Wellness Plan member you are given priority when scheduling appointments.  Schedule appointments in advance to ensure that you get the date and time that works best for you.

  • Schedule your appointments within 4 months of their purchase date.  

        Massages discounts expire 4 months after their purchase date.