Therapeutic Massage

All massages combine the use of

Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Technique, and Relaxation Massage.

Reiki can be scheduled either as a combination session of energy work and massage or on its own.

(For prenatal massage please specify in the "notes" section during booking.)

60 minute - $100

90 minute - $140

120 minute - $180


Cupping Therapy


The use of both   dynamic and   traditional cupping to improve muscle pain and tension




Contrast Therapy


Otherwise known as hot and cold therapy, contrast therapy is the use of alternating localized

hot and cold packs during massage to aid in pain relief and muscle relaxation.



Therapeutic grade essential oil diffused into the room and applied during massage



Additional 20 minutes of foot acupressure and foot/hand massage

Hot Stones


The use of hot stones during massage to help ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation

   1  Massage movements using a silicone cup to create a vacuum to facilitate in the release of fascial and muscular tension

   The placement of cups on areas of hypertonicity