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Client accounts
in Acuity Scheduling

Access your Client Scheduling Page to reschedule or cancel existing appointments!

See upcoming and past appointments that are assigned to your client account!

Download the client app to book appointments on the go.


You can book and track appointments from your mobile devices with the Acuity Scheduling Client mobile app, so you don’t have to visit the scheduling site.

How to get the app


Find the Acuity Client Scheduling app via the links here for the Apple App store or Google Play store or by searching for "Acuity Client Scheduling App".

Add Harts+Hands with the scheduling URL:


When you've downloaded the app you'll be prompted to add the scheduling URL in order to link the app to Harts+Hands.

How to book appointments


Once you've linked your app, you can book appointments directly through the app by tapping Harts and Hands in the menu. *Note that it is recommended that you tap the head and shoulders app icon in the bottom right hand corner before scheduling appointments in order to create or log in to your account.  It won't do it automatically and this will link all of the appointments made online and in office to you as well.

How to log in


You can use the app to log into an account you've already created, or create a client account.

To log in:

  1. Tap the account icon in the bottom-right corner.

  2. Tap Log In.

  3. Enter your email and password.

  4. Tap Log in.

To create a new account:

  1. Tap the account icon in the bottom-right corner.

  2. Tap Create account.

  3. Enter your email address and password.

  4. Tap Create account.

Which appointments appear in the app

If you are logged into your client account:

  • The app shows all appointments associated with your client account, if you booked through the app or on the web.

  • Appointments you schedule through the app are assigned to your client account, meaning you'll be shown those appointments if you log into your client account with your computer.

Note: If you  book appointments through the web without logging into a client account, the appointments won't appear in the client app.

If you aren't logged into a client account, the app will only show appointments booked through the app.

How to delete your account

If you use your client account with the Acuity Scheduling Client mobile app, you can request for Acuity to delete client accounts through the mobile app. To request account deletion:

  1. Tap the account icon in the bottom-right corner of the app home screen.

  2. Tap "Delete your account".

  3. Type "DELETE" and tap Submit.

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