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Your Body Knows

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I find that clients receive the most beneficial results when I stop trying to "fix" the problem and instead "listen" to their bodies. This may sound a bit nonsensical to those who either do not practice massage therapy or approach their work from a more straightforward, technique-based, and allopathically-defined work model, but I find that getting quiet and allowing the body to guide me ultimately allows for the most productive outcome.

When performing bodywork it's difficult to know whether you'll succeed in helping your client to find the pain relief they're seeking, but when I allow my need to correct the issue to drop, and I tap into the needs of my client instead/trust that I will be guided to do the work that's needed, I've seen wonderful improvements in clients' mobility and pain. Likewise, if I slow down and tap into my own body, if I listen, I can hear its needs and take whatever actions are necessary to address that which is being requested.

As a society, we spend so much time in our heads and wrapped up in our emotions. The everyday stresses of work demands, disgruntled drivers, disagreements with loved ones, bills, bills, and more bills, car troubles, taking care of our families, etc. can become overwhelming. So much so that many of us feel that we are inseparable from our emotions and are so busy cycling through them they become difficult to process and we instead end up lost in the negative mind chatter.

But to become still, to accept that the emotions and the discomforts are there but are actually separate from who we are, this allows for the process to begin in which solutions become apparent, love for who we are can be found, and a sense of peace and well-being can be established within our lives. We all have the power to do this. It just takes trust, a momentary pause, stillness, and a desire to listen. Listen with your heart. Don't burden yourself with all of the noise in your head. Let all of that go. Be still and listen without fear. <3

- Heather Whitmore, LMT

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